User Script File

A User Script File is a text file which contains script codes. These scripts are executed by the scene player at special times ( e.g. when user press a key or click mouse ). User Script File should be placed in the same folder as the scene file, and named the same as the scene file name + '.usr' ( e.g. if your scene file is 'noname.sce', the user script file should named as 'noname.sce.usr' ). You can choose "View>Edit User Script File...." in the main menu to edit this file. The User Script File will be loaded when the player opens a scene. The scene player will run scripts in the below order when opening a scene ( assume scene file is 'noname.sce' ):

  Load Scene File Generate Script VariablesDo Config File('noname.sce.cfg')

            Do User Script File('noname.sce.usr')Do '_SCENE_BEGIN' Script Resource


See User Script File Reference for more.