There are two font types in Awakening: Dynamic Font ( DFont ) and Bitmap Font ( BMFont ), DFont reads font info from specified system font, generate glyphs and store them to a buffer texture, then use this texture to render text.
BMFont use a fixed pre-generated glyphs texture to render text. The DFont is dependent on system font, and it's buffer texture is dynamic changed, the maximum chars number is decided by  Char Size & Buffer Texture Size.
The BMFont use a Font Describe File & Glyphs Texture, no other dependence. To generate glyphs for BMFont, you can use Bitmap Font Generator, first you need prepare a text file( encode as Unicode ) which includes all your needed chars, then select
Options > Font settings  in Generator, set your wanted font; then select Edit > select chars from file, load your prepared text file; then setting Export Options as below:

and select Options > Save bitmap font as... to export Font Describe File(.fnt) & Glyphs Texture. Finally, you need change exported .fnt file 's text encode mode to ANSI.

The BMFont is more credible & efficient, so use it as possible.

You can create font by scripting, see draw .