HDR Format Convert


High dynamic range lighting effects require the ability to work with color values beyond the 0 to 255 range, usually by storing high range color data in textures. Floating point texture formats are the natural choice for HDR applications, but they may not be available on all target systems. This utility can encode high dynamic range data into integer formats for compatibility across a wide range of devices.

Source HDR File: The source texture file, should be 64-bit float format (A16B16G16R16F) or 64-bit integer format (A16B16G16R16); also supports cube texture.
Encode to RGB16: Convert 64-bit float format to 64-bit integer format
Encode to RGBE8: Convert 64-bit float format to 32-bit integer format (A8R8G8B8)
To LDR: Convert 64-bit float format to low dynamic range 32-bit integer format
Decode to F16: Convert 64-bit integer format to 64-bit float format
Save To TGA: Save current image to a TGA file