Lighting Channels

Lighting Channels let you freely combine light sources and lighting destinations. The theory some like broadcasting signal, light source emit lighting signal in some channel, and lighting destination can select channel to receive lighting. But light sources & lighting destinations also can activate multi-channels at one time.

Lights and mesh objects all have 32 channels. Assume there are a light and a mesh object, there are 32 slot pairs from 1 to 32, the rule is here:

1. In a slot pair, if two slots are all checked, then the pair is on; otherwise the pair is off.
2. As long as there is one pair on, then the object can receive the light's lighting. Only all 32 pairs are off, then the lighting off.

Keyboard Shortcuts for checking lighting channels:

Ctrl + Left Click to turn all slots on
Shift + Left Click to turn all slots off