Miscellaneous Options


Number of undo buffers: The maximum numbers of undo.
Computer vertices normal...: When importing model as surfaces, if the model is no vertices normal data included, this switch indicates whether computer vertices normal for the model.
Measure: Adjust all measurement parameters.
Coplanarity error: The precision to confirm two faces is coplanar.
Step of camera move: Indicate how fast moving in 3D space.
Step of camera rotate: Indicate how fast rotating in 3D space.
Size of light: Varies the size of geometric shapes symbolizing different sizes and colors of lights.
Near clipping plane: The nearest distance visible in viewport.
Far clipping plane: The farthest distance visible in viewport.
Base Path: The resource path; program will prefix the base path to all file paths which started with ' \ ' , to get full resource file path.
Text Editor: Assign text editor for 'Edit User Script File', etc.