Function Name  Parameter  Return  Explain
 size None number  
 clear None None  
 add T boolean  
 insert number i, T boolean  
 remove number i boolean  
 get number i T  
 set number i, T boolean  
 find T, number start boolean / number return false if not found, otherwise return index of element.
 sort function comp None Sorts array elements in a given order, in-place, from array[1] to array[n], where n is the length of the table. If comp is given, then it must be a function that receives two table elements, and returns true when the first is less than the second (so that not comp(a[i+1],a[i]) will be true after the sort). If comp is not given, then the standard Lua operator < is used instead.

The sort algorithm is not stable; that is, elements considered equal by the given order may have their relative positions changed by the sort.

 append array None  
 Lib Function  Parameter  Return  Explain
 new None array  

T: any type of lua data

Usage example :
print(a[1]) --3
print(a[1]) --dog
print(a.find('dog')) --1
print(a.find('dog',2)) --3
print(a.size()) -- 5
print(a.size()) -- 4