Function Name  Parameter  Return  Explain
 getMin None vec  
 setMin vec None  
 getMax None vec  
 setMax vec None  
 getCenter None vec  
 clear None None  
 fromBSphere bsphere None  
 offset vec None  
 transform matrix None  
 intersectRay ray boolean  
 isPointInBox vec boolean  
 isOutPlane plane boolean Whether the box is out of a specified plane ( all eight corners of box is in front of plane ).
 boxRelation bbox number   Detects the relation between two boxes.

Return Values

BBOXR_OUT: not intersect
BBOXR_IN: b2 within b1
BBOXR_INTERSECT: intersect ( include case of b1 within b2 )

 Lib Function  Parameter  Return  Explain
 new None bbox