player movable

 Member Function  Parameter  Return  Explain
getMovTar None movtar get player's movtar
duck None None  
jump None None  
stand None None  
go vec None  
getEyePos None vec  
getJumpmoveStep None number the move step scale when pressing move & jump key synchronously.
setJumpmoveStep number None  
getGround None object  object, string  type Get the object that player stand,  see Remark.

Return Values

1. If player is hang in air (water), all return value is nil

2. type indicate which class the ground object is. It can be one of the following flags:
'unknown', 'surface', 'staticmesh','terrain','ocean','mobile', 'skinmesh','player','group','movtar'

3. object is a Script Variable, can be surface, mobile, etc.

 Callback Function  Parameter  Return  Explain
OnLanding None None be executed when player landing
OnFlying None None be executed when player flying-off

If the player foot point p_ground_test_dist down is solid, the player is on ground. The "p_ground_test_dist" is a console variable to control ground detection depth, it's default value is 8.