root animation

 Function Name  Parameter  Return  Explain
getName None string    
setName string   None  
getPosition None vec  
setPosition vec None  
getBoundingBox None bbox  
getMatrix None matrix  
isHidden None boolean  
hide boolean None  
isBumpEnable None boolean  
bumpEnable boolean None  
clone None object if failed, return nil; otherwise clone the scene object and return a Script Variable.
testFlag dword boolean Flags List:
RTF_HIDE  -- hidden
RTF_FREEZE -- freezing
RTF_NORENDER -- no render
RTF_INSTANCE -- instance
RTF_NORTTRENDER -- no render for Render To Texture
RTF_NOSHADOW -- no cast dynamic shadow (shadow mapping)
getNoClipMask None dword Retrieves the noclip mask. See remark.
setNoClipMask dword None Set the noclip mask.
getZOrder None number Retrieves the ZOrder value, lower is prior draw.
setZOrder number None Set the ZOrder value
noRTTRender boolean noRendering boolean Turn on/off for Render To Texture, return previous value
noShadow boolean noShadow boolean Turn on/off dynamic shadow casting,  return previous value
getUserData None vec4 Retrieves userdata, if four components is not all zero, the data will feeded to shader when rendering.
setUserData vec4 None Set userdata