Function Name  Parameter  Return  Explain
isPoint None boolean  
pointed boolean None  
getRadius None number  
setRadius number None  
getBoundingBox None bbox  
setBoundingBox bbox None  
getStart None vec  
setStart vec  None  
getEnd None vec  
setEnd vec  None  
getNoClipMask None dword Retrieves the noclip mask. See remark.
setNoClipMask dword None Set the noclip mask.
getFraction None number get the progress fraction; see trace
getStop None vec get the stop position
getPlane None plane get the plane where collision happended
getOffset None number get the offset between touch point and stop position
getBlockObject None object  object, string  type Get the object that collided.

Return Values

1. If no collision, all return value is nil

2. type indicate which class the block object is. It can be one of the following flags:
'unknown', 'surface', 'staticmesh','terrain','ocean','mobile', 'skinmesh','player','group','movtar'

3. object is a Script Variable, can be surface, mobile, etc.


 Lib Function  Parameter  Return  Explain
 new  trace handle handle  trace new a trace object, initialize data by handle; the handle parameter can be absent.