Virtual Keys

This section contains reference information for the virtual keys of script.

 name  Explain
 VK_LBUTTON Left mouse button
 VK_RBUTTON Right mouse button
 VK_CANCEL Control-break processing
 VK_MBUTTON Middle mouse button (three-button mouse)
 VK_BACK backspace key
 VK_TAB tab key
 VK_CLEAR clear key
 VK_RETURN enter key
 VK_SHIFT shift key
 VK_CONTROL ctrl key
 VK_MENU alt key
 VK_PAUSE pause key
 VK_CAPITAL caps lock key
 VK_ESCAPE esc key
 VK_SPACE spacebar
 VK_PRIOR page up key
 VK_NEXT page down key
 VK_END end key
 VK_HOME home key
 VK_LEFT left arrow key
 VK_UP up arrow key
 VK_RIGHT right arrow key
 VK_DOWN down arrow key
 VK_SELECT select key
 VK_EXECUTE execute key
 VK_SNAPSHOT print screen key
 VK_INSERT ins key
 VK_DELETE del key
 VK_HELP help key
 VK_LWIN Left Windows key (Microsoft Natural Keyboard)
 VK_RWIN Right Windows key (Microsoft Natural Keyboard)
 VK_APPS Applications key (Microsoft Natural Keyboard)
 VK_NUMPAD0 ~ VK_NUMPAD9 Numeric keypad 0 ~ 9 key
 VK_MULTIPLY Multiply key
 VK_ADD Add key
 VK_SEPARATOR Separator key
 VK_SUBTRACT Subtract key
 VK_DECIMAL Decimal key
 VK_DIVIDE Divide key
 VK_F1 ~ VK_F24 f1 ~ f24 key
 VK_NUMLOCK num lock key
 VK_SCROLL scroll lock key
 VK_ATTN Attn key
 VK_CRSEL CrSel key
 VK_EXSEL ExSel key
 VK_EREOF Erase EOF key
 VK_PLAY Play key
 VK_ZOOM Zoom key
 VK_NONAME Reserved for future use
 VK_PA1 PA1 key
 VK_OEM_CLEAR Clear key

A to Z 's vk values is string.byte('A') to string.byte('Z')