A terrain object consist of orderly arranged grids, all grids are same size and square.
To create terrain in Awakening, select Create > Terrain from main menu; or you can import Terragen Terrain Files as terrain.

Name Name of terrain
Rows Row number of grids (4 ~ 256 )
Columns Column number of grids (4 ~ 256 )
Interval Size of grid
No Render See Mesh Panel
No Clip See Mesh Panel
Bump See Mesh Panel
Exclusive VB See Mesh Panel
Compute Normal Calculate vertex normals for mesh
Enable (Lightmap) Use lightmap for terrain
W width of lightmap image
H height of lightmap image
Brush Setting Paint brush setting for layer map, grass map, decal map and altitude adjust
Rise Increase height
Descend Decrease height
Flat Reset height
Smooth Average heights
Step Sensitivity factor for adjusting
Noise Vary the Step factor by terrain vertex's x, z. The number follow the Noise checkbox is the factor for noise generator.
Round Indicates whether brush is round or square
Whole Indicates brush is cover all vertices of mesh
Brush Influencer Vary the Step factor by terrain vertex's position & normal.
The Influencer accept 6 numbers( x,y,z, preOffset, zoom, postOffset ), the use below formula to affect the Step :
input: positon(p), normal(n), step, x,y,z, preOffset, zoom, postOffset
Layer Map Layer map is  an image to represent texture blending. If Layer Map enabled, the layer map will auto set to material's first texture ( tTX0 in shader ) when rendering terrain. The terrain \ terrain4tex.fx shader supports Cutout effect by layer map's alpha channel.
Hollow is a physics attribute, if enabled, then:
for somewhere on terrain, if it's layer map alpha value >= AlhpaRef, then the place is hollowed-out.
Grass Map Grass map is an image to represent grass's distribution. Grass's appearance can use a billboard or static mesh.
Decal Map Decal are things like snow cover on terrain surface.
Altitude Adjust Modify vertex heights for terrain
Align to the bottom of selected objects Align heights for vertices which right under the selected objects. You need first select the terrain and other objects together, then do this command.
Altitude Generate Generates vertex heights
Height Map Get heights from a grayscale image
Perlin Noise Get heights base the Perlin noise algorithm