Two-sided & Translucent Effect

This is a effective technique to render the two-sided polygons with a translucent effect, like you would see with light shining behind leaves or a lampshade. It's useful for foliage, banners, cloth, etc.

The shader files can be found at the "effects\twosided" folder.

Textures setting of two-sided shaders:
0: decal map (can have alpha data for cutout)
1: normal map ( can have aloha data for gloss )

Factors of two-sided shaders

vector __vFactor;                        //x: the reference alpha value for Alpha Testing.


  refAlpha, 0, 0, 0  ); // also, you can set factor in Material Panel.


(dside = material)
dside.setFactor(  0.5, 0,0,0 );