Types Of Lights

The current version of Awakening employs  three types of lights: point lights, spotlights, and directional lights.

An Point light casts rays in all directions from a single source. Point lights are useful for adding "fill lighting" to your scene, or simulating point source lights.
Point lights have color and position within a scene, but no single direction. Point Lights are also sometimes called omni lights. A light bulb is a good example of a point light.


A spotlight casts a focused beam of light like a flashlight, a follow spot in a theater, or a headlight. Spotlights have color, position, and a direction in which they emit light. Light emitted from a spotlight is made up of a bright inner cone and a larger outer cone, with the light intensity diminishing between the two.


Directional lights cast parallel light rays in a single direction, as the sun does (for all practical purposes) at the surface of the earth.