Working with Animation

You can animate almost anything in a Awakening scene. Animation is used throughout Awakening. You can animate the position, rotation, and scale of an object, and almost any parameter setting that affects an object's shape and surface.

1. Create a segment of animation and set it's time length.
A term about animation in Awakening is Shot, a Shot is a segment of animation. You can create many segments of animation, then freely combine them. This like making movie, first finish a lot of shots of photography, then editing film.
To start a segment animation, first click "New" button in Shot Panel. Then set time length in Animation Panel, the unit is Second.

2. Set current time in Animation Panel.
You can drag the time slider or input in the Time edit box to change current time.

3. Create keys for selected objects.
Select a object, switch to object's properties panel, set it's properties, then click "Set Key" button in Animation Panel.

4. Create keys for Material or Camera
Switch to Material Panel in Properties Panels, then select a material, set it's properties, then click "Set Key" button;
similarly, first switch to Shot Panel for camera.

5. By creating a series of keys, you can animate objects, materials and cameras.
If don't want a animation control camera, just check "Not Affect Camera" in Shot Panel. You can press F6 or click the button in Main Toolbar to view current animation anytime.