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I'm trying to do a conversation in a 2D scene, I've had success using 2Dtext and timeline, but its getting really messy this way

What i would like to do is a scripted version

What I have is a text hotspot that when clicked starts the convo
You click the text hotspot.. a text box says "hi there" plays a wav file
at the end of the wav file text box2 gives the reply and also does a lip animation
The hotspot is removed, replaced with a new one, lip animation stops text areas clear

The way i did it was by having the msg_hide animation run a script at the end to get the npc response, but i would need a new animation for each message hide shot

I can't figure out how to make Awakening run the text and sound then move to the next, wnd.Sleep allows the sound but no text till it wakes up
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