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 Awakening 2.5 Beta Released! 
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Awakening 2.5 Beta Released!

Awakening highly improved game developing ability in this version, it's competent for making 3d games like Quake, Tomb Raider, etc.

What's new in Awakening 2.5?

* Dynamic Shadows
Shadows are important part of a believable scene, they provide a more tangible feel to the objects in the scene; and set environment and the tone.

* Lighting Channels
Lighting Channels let you freely combine light sources and lighting destinations.

* Physics System
A physics system is necessary for game engine, it lets objects have autonomic & intellective movement. The system highly promotes Awakening's ability to make game.

* Improved Command Script API
Provides several new classes for the physics system; add some functions for creating objects in scene; and so on.

* Standard Viewport Size
By define a standard viewport size, overlays will automatically scale to fit the window size when playing scene.

* Shot Timer
Shot timer let you can do something on a specified time when playing shot. It's especially useful for dubbing.

* Improved 3DS Files Importer
Can split geometry object by materials; smoothly transfer textureing objects from Google SketchUp to Awakening.

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