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Light Map Maker is a power software tool that helps you to create compelling lighting effects. LMM is a independent program. It's not a plug-in. It's a tool for real-time 3D developers (not only game but also web3d, product display, etc.). LMM's main feature is the addition of realistic lighting to real-time 3D scenes. LMM now supports importing/exporting of some popular 3D formats; so it's compatible with most game development software and 3D designer (e.g. 3D Studio Max, Maya, lightwave,etc).

Also you can try Awakening, it includes all features of LMM and totally free.

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Light Map Maker Manual

3D Format Import Export
3DS Yes Yes
AC3D Yes /
D3D X  Yes Yes
Morfit World  Yes Yes
Terragen Terrain Yes /
VRML97 / Yes
Blitz3D / Yes
Wavefront OBJ  Yes /
DXF Yes /