Subsurface Scattering

Subsurface scattering (or SSS) is a mechanism of light transport in which light penetrates the surface of a translucent object, is scattered by interacting with the material, and exits the surface at a different point. The light will generally penetrate the surface and be reflected a number of times at irregular angles inside the material, before passing back out of the material at an angle other than the angle it would have if it had been reflected directly off the surface. Subsurface scattering is important in 3D computer graphics, being necessary for the realistic rendering of materials such as marble, skin, and milk.

Currently, Awakening provides a simple Depth based SSS, the method is not accurate, but the rendering effect is not bad.

All SSS shader files can be found at the "effects\sss" folder. You need check 3d object's 'Bump' style to use the shader.

Textures setting of SSS shaders:
0: decal map

Factors of Depth SSS shader

vec4 __vFactor                            // x: contrast ratio of SSS;  y: intensity of SSS;  z: diffuse weight (0~1)


  x, y, z, 0  ); // also, you can set factor in Material Panel.


(sss = material)
sss.setFactor( 1.0, 0.8, 0.2, 0 )